Hats – Rosemary was known for her hats. In earlier days were often pillbox hats or close fitting hats with flowers. Later on, they were often wide brimmed straw hats  that looked so cute on her that people often complimented her on the hat she was wearing. Typically, after receiving a compliment about her hat, she would offer to give it to the person who had remarked about it.

Several of her hats came from a particular booth at Orchard in Bloom. Some of the ones that received the most compliments came from Sullivan’s Hardware. It was a combination of a good-looking hat on a good-looking lady that brought the compliments.

When the household items were sold in the estate sale, there was an entire table of hats on display.

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  1. Holly says:

    You’re right about the beautiful lady part. I tried on the same hats and all I got was a big laugh.

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