Love, Love, Love

Rosemary Cox Berry McGaughey was born on June 8, 1922, in Indianapolis, Indiana. She died in her sleep a few weeks before her 91st birthday on May 15, 2013. Between 1922 and 2013 she spread her love and sweet spirit wherever she went. In fact, if you knew Rosemary, you probably heard her talking about “Love, love, love” as the way to live in all situations.

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  1. Julie Berry says:

    Another favorite mantra of hers was “All is well.” These words of wisdom stayed with her through the rest of her life and kept her at peace.

  2. Peter Whitten says:

    Rosemary Berry (Mrs. Berry to me until way into adulthood. Out of respect, of course.) will be remembered as a true lady. As a teenager, I thought of her as the June Cleaver of all moms, perfect in every way. Through the years, and to her last days, I was impressed with and touched by her positive attitude … always a big smile on her face and a twinkle in her eye. What a great memory and legacy for us all.

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