When did you meet Rosemary?

By the time a person lives past 90, people have connected to that person in many different places at many different times. When those people come together and report how they met Rosemary, it will be interesting for the rest of us to watch the circles of her family and acquaintances appear. Please reply to this message with a little note about how you met Rosemary, and we’ll see what develops.

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  1. Julie Berry says:

    I met Rosemary at a Huddle Restaurant on the south side of Indianapolis after midnight on a Saturday night, the day before Easter in 1970. I decided any couple who could come pick up their son after his car had just been stolen, order breakfast and be happy must be good people, even though she looked at me and said, “So you’re the girl who is going to Europe with my son.”

    Over the next 43 years I shared many smiles, laughs, and happy memories with Rosemary. I am glad she transitioned out of this life on her own terms last week, but I will miss her presence.

  2. Connie Berry says:

    Wish I could comment but the site won’t let me log in.
    I just had to remove the recurring notification on my Outlook calendar for her b’day coming up on June 8th. That was sad.
    When I met Rosemary first (Bob brought me home from college) I remembered thinking:
    * Wow, his parents are young!
    * Wow, their house has no pictures and no wastebaskets!

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